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Why Study Sanskrit?

  • Nearly all Indian languages are derived from Sanskrit, and it forms the cultural backbone of India. Knowledge of Sanskrit provides a gateway to Indian culture and heritage.
  • The relevance of Sanskrit today is evident in the phenomenal interest in yoga, ayurveda, and Vedic mathematics. Yoga and alternative medicine practitioners are keen to understand the Sanskrit usage that they encounter.
  • An understanding of Indic philosophy and religious thought would be incomplete without the study of Sanskrit.
  • In the United States, the astounding success of the youth camps, myriad ongoing children's classes, and adult engagement in Sanskrit have shattered previously held stereotypical notions that studying Sanskrit is the preserve of a few or a good late life activity. While economists debate over proposed solutions for a flagging United States economy, Sanskrit is experiencing a resurgence unlike anything that has been seen before. For example, the enthusiasm for Sanskrit learning, Sanskrit websites, Sanskrit blogging, Sanskrit twittering, continues unabated.
  • In India, the World Sanskrit Book Fair was recently held in Bangalore ( Though organizers expected one lakh visitors, they were presently surprised that over 5 lakh visitors attended the fair. At this event, the sales from Samskritam books alone is said to have exceeded Rupees 1 crore. In 2010, the state of Uttarakhand proclaimed Sanskrit as the second official language of the state.